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NEW COURSE: Thrival Skills 101: Path to Joy…Moving from Survival to Thrival

This six-week course is based on Charlotte LeHecka’s book, Thrival Skills 101: Path to Joy…Moving from Survival to Thrival. Each week is devoted to one chapter. Because of its interactive, hands-on nature, covering such topics as the transition process, path to an on-purpose life, the enneagram, non-violent communication skills and shadow work, the visioning process, prayer and meditation and other consciousness expanding activities, the classes will be held in-person only.  Some modules may be adapted to on-line learning.

Required text: Thrival Skills 101: Path to Joy…Moving from Survival to Thrival, available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon

When:  This course can be offered on-site over a six-week period or in more intensive formats.

Contact Information:  Contact Charlotte by phone at 336-545-4554, by email at and visit her website at 

Course Description

Week 1:  Finding Yourself in Transition.  Have you noticed how when endings come, they have within them the seed for a new, expanded beginning?  In this class we will explore the three phases of the transition process– endings, a time in the void and new beginnings, so that we may learn to navigate them with more grace.

Week 2Discovering our Why?  The Path to an On-purpose Life. Our lives are always being shaped by something. Our inherited purpose waits in the wings for the moment we are not causing life to happen. So, first we will spend time uncovering our hidden driver, so that we can then create a life purpose that is satisfying and fulfilling. One that results in a life of no regrets!

Week 3:  Relationships as a Spiritual Path:  The Wisdom of the Enneagram. An exploration of the Enneagram reveals how we –at a young age—lost sight of our true essence and instead accepted an untruth about ourselves and began perceiving our world through a distorted lens. This class promises to help you uncover your false personality and also gives you insights into the distorted lens significant others in your life have accepted as their truth.  

Week 4:  Interpersonal Relationships and Conscious Communication:  How Full is Your Tank? An “enemy” denotes a specific life situation that you perceive as being “against” you in some way. An enemy can be your body (self-image, disability, illness), a relationship or a life situation.  Begin to recognize those times when your buttons are pushed and gain skills to help you uncover the belief that caused the trigger reaction, receive the gift, create a new outcome and take authentic action. 

Week 5:  Using the Visioning Process to Create the Life of Your Dreams. In Week 2, we created our Life on Purpose Statement.  During this class, we will build on the work we did in Week 2 as we discover how our uniqueness wants to be expressed in all the key quadrants of our life.

Week 6:  Vibrating with Health:  No Matter What the Ailment, Love is the Cure. Our last class explores the use of affirmations and denials.  It answers the question of how we pray “from” a consciousness of Oneness with God.  We will practice Unity’s 5-step prayer process and how to determine what to pray for when praying with others.   


Full Length Courses

Thrival Skills 101–15-18 hours

Foundations of Unity—9-15 hours

The Enneagram as a Spiritual Path—15 hours

Conscious Conversations—6 hours

Accelerated Learning Training—40 hours

3-hour Modules

Thrival Skills 101 curriculum can be taught as stand-alone 3-hour segments

Accelerated Learning and the Magic of Music

Making the Visual Environment Work

Teaching to Learning Styles

Learning and the Human Brain

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