About Thrival Skills 101

Have you ever asked yourself: What would it be like if I were to unleash my potential and live a fully expressed life? How do I create joyous, nurturing relationships? Release beliefs of lack and limitation?  

Have you often wondered how it would feel to live from a place of abundance, but questioned how to open yourself up to this flow?  What if you knew at a soul level that physical, emotional and mental health were your birthright?

If so, it’s time to say “good-bye” to a life of lack, limitation and fear and say “hello” to a life of unconditional love and infinite possibilities.

Thrival Skills 101 guides you with personal stories, key spiritual principles and practices to a break-through in consciousness from which you will NEVER go back.  Take this journey and experience yourself moving from survival to thrival.

Description of Book Contents

Thrival Skills 101 looks at five specific areas of growth that all of us must master if we are to live lives of “joy”.  The key principles and practices presented in Thrival Skills 101 are:

Chapter 1:  Connecting to our Essence

Core teachings in Chapter 1:

  1. God is good and everywhere present.
  2. Human Being’s inherent nature is also good.
  3. Our thoughts are our creative power.
  4. Prayer and Meditation are essential elements of the spiritual life.
  5. We must live the Truth we know.

Practices in Chapter 1:

  1. Learning how to Listen to the Still, Small Voice Within
  2. Affirmations and Denials

Chapter 2:  Getting to Know Ourselves—an On-Purpose Life

Core Teachings in Chapter 2:

  1. Principle of Awareness: How it Sheds Light on our Perceptions in Creating our Reality
  2. The Law of Divine Purpose

Practices in Chapter 2:

  1. Inquiry Process developed by Byron Katie
  2. In-the-Moment Awareness Practice
  3. Uncovering our Inherited Purpose
  4. Creating our Life Purpose

Chapter 3:  Empowering Relationships: Understanding the Other

Core teachings in Chapter 3:

  1. The Law of Giving and Receiving
  2. The Law of Reconnecting

Practices in Chapter 3:

  1. The Five Love Languages
  2. The Enneagram
  3. Casting the Burden

Chapter 4:  Interpersonal Relationships and Effective Communication

Core teaching in Chapter 4:

  1. Relationships as a Spiritual Path

Practice in Chapter 4:

  1. Conscious Communication

Chapter 5: Pour Me Out a Blessing—Raising your Prosperity Consciousness

Core teachings in Chapter 5:

  1. The Law of Circulation
  2. The Law of Prosperity/Expanding our consciousness

Practices in Chapter 5:

  1. The Practice of Financial Tithing
  2. The Practice of Wonderment
  3. The Practice of Visualization
  4. The Practice of Gratitude

Chapter 6:  Vibrating with Health: No Matter What the Ailment, Love is the Cure

Core teaching in Chapter 6:

  1. Our Essence is Wholeness

Practices in Chapter 6:

  1. Using Affirmative Prayer (Affirmations and Denials) to heal ourselves and others.
  2. Myrtle Fillmore’s Healing Method
  3. Ho’Oponopono Prayer
  4. Heart-Math Prayer
  5. Power of Eight Intention Group