World Peace–An Inside Job

There is no “us” and “them”.  There is only “us”.  This means that if there is war anywhere in the world, we must own our part in that war.  Those words might surprise you, even shock you.  You may be thinking: “How can I be responsible? These wars, they are happening in other parts of the world. In most cases, I don’t even know anything about the people or the places where these wars are being fought.” Yet, I say to you, because we are ALL one, we are ALL responsible.   

Anytime you are at war within yourself over something or angry with someone else, you send out “anger” energy into the world. And that “anger” energy does not come back void.  It finds a place to land.  At the moment, we are experiencing an outbreak of that anger energy expressing itself as disrupted relationships between Russia and the Ukraine. 

The temptation is to take sides and blame someone.  I am going to suggest, instead, that you look closer to home.  Look inside yourself and see if there is anywhere you are carrying “anger” energy either toward yourself or someone else or some situation.  Our job—first and foremost—is to harmonize the energies within ourselves. 

Having achieved that, you are now in a place to receive guidance from your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self may guide you to take action of some kind.  For each of us that action may be quite different.  For example, mine is to write this blog to encourage each of us to take responsibility for our part in creating war instead of peace. 

On page 164 in my book, Thrival Skills 101, I introduce you to a prayer that I personally find very helpful. The Ho’Oponopono prayer has been a real help in shifting my consciousness from one of judgment or a “poor me” attitude to one of connection. The prayer is very simple:

I apologize (I’m sorry=original version).

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

When I say “I apologize, please forgive me” it is my recognition that I am a part of this collective whole and since every thought I have either adds to the health and wholeness of the Whole or detracts from it, I want to take responsibility for any part I have played—consciously or unconsciously—in fueling our individual and collective sense of separation from Wholeness. 

When I say ‘thank you”, it is me thanking ME for the willingness to restore Wholeness. And when I say “I love you.”, it’s me reconciling myself to MYSELF. And I just keep saying this prayer over and over again until I feel an energetic shift.

Once the reconciliation takes place within us, we usually experience one of two things, the situation shifts in a positive direction or, we shift in such a way that though the same thing may be happening in the outer, we have re-established our Wholeness and are coming from our center in our interaction with whatever situation presents itself. 

Won’t you join me in creating Wholeness in our Minds, Bodies and Spirits?

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