Creating Affirmations PERFECT for YOU

Why create Affirmations that are truly personal to you?  Because we co-create our world in the way we use the power of our thoughts and feelings, with the attitudes we hold, express, and are attentive to.  Our state of consciousness literally determines what we experience. 

The abundant life literally begins in our consciousness.  Our thoughts take shape, develop and grow into material form as we endow them with creativity and follow up with action.  That is why it is essential when creating our personal affirmations to ask three preliminary questions to determine the highest good we want to manifest for ourselves. 

  1. Ask within—What do I want?  (Take this to as deep a level as possible.) For example, if your answer is: “I want a new car.” Ask yourself: “Why do I want a new car?” If the answer to that question is: “So, I can visit my sister.” Ask yourself, “Why do I want to visit my sister?” Perhaps your answer is: “ I miss my sister and I want to see her.” Can you see how your initial desire for a new car was not really what you wanted?  What you really want is to visit your sister.  Now that you are clear about your true desire, all kinds of possibilities open up as to how that desire might be met.  You might take a bus, a plane, or a train to visit her; you may even pay for her to come visit you, etc.
  2. Ask within—What is the “highest ideal” this will satisfy?  If we continue with the situation above, then perhaps “your highest ideal” is spending quality time with your sister.
  3. Ask within—What will I feel emotionally if this “ideal” is satisfied?  I will feel “joy” at being able to share quality time with my sister.

Based on the analogy above, we could write the following affirmation. 

My sister and I spend quality time with one another.

Now, I invite you to sit down, close your eyes and go within.  Allow yourself time to experience your energy shift into a quiet, peaceful, connected space.  From that connected place, ask yourself: “ What is my heart’s deepest  desire?  Then, just sit quietly.  Sooner or later, words, pictures, images will begin bubbling up.  Observe.  Give yourself time.  As you sink deeper and deeper into the silence, you might be surprised what comes up for you.  Write it down.  When you feel complete, bring yourself back and ask yourself the two follow- up questions:  What is the “highest ideal” this will satisfy?  And What will I feel emotionally if this ideal is satisfied? 

Now you are ready to write the PERFECT affirmations for YOU!!!  Next week we will explore some guidelines to follow in creating your affirmations.  Until then, have fun discovering what makes your heart sing.

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