Guidelines for Writing the Perfect Affirmations

So, what are the guidelines for creating the perfect affirmations?  Last week we explored some core questions to consider BEFORE we actually write our affirmations.  This week—now that we have decided what’s important to us, it’s time to create.

When writing affirmations, first think about them:  Do they really fit my desires?  Do I really want to commit myself to these affirmations?  Affirmations can be general or they can be quite specific.  If you are writing general affirmations, then points 1-4 below apply.  If you are writing specific affirmations, then be sure to adhere to all of the steps below:

  1. ALWAYS write them in the present tense.
  2. USE only positive words.
  3. CONNECT to them emotionally.
  4. EXPERIENCE them as already accomplished/fulfilled.
  5. SET an intention: i.e. a date by which you want to see your affirmations realized.
  6. LIMIT the number to three or four for any given period, and
  7. READ them carefully, sign and date them. 

The following is a sample affirmation sheet:

I, Tracy Smith, intend to see that the following circumstances have occurred by October 1, 2022.

  1. I enjoy a profound empathy for people that at times seems almost telepathic.
  2. At work, I operate in the “flow” all day, working in a state of harmony with my employees and customers.
  3. I experience illuminations in which I feel a oneness with all of existence.
  4. My entire being is balanced, vital and healthy.

                                            Signed, Tracy Smith

Now, it’s time for you to take out a piece of paper and write out your affirmations using the above formula.  Once you have completed them, put them away in a safe place.  If you like, you may refer back to them from time to time, but it is not necessary.  Your mind loves a goal.  Once you set a goal, it begins to do the work of bringing your desires to you. 

I recommend that on the same day your write your affirmations, you also make a written record of your present condition.  On the due date, evaluate your progress in realizing your affirmations. For those affirmations that do not lend themselves to objective measurements, simply make a written record of where you are.  If, when you reach the due date, you discover you have made little or no progress on a particular goal, ask yourself: “Was this really what I wanted for me?” If the answer is “yes”, then include it when you set your next cycle of affirmations.  If you decide it wasn’t that important, simply drop it. 

Stay tuned! Next week we will explore what you can do if you feel stuck!!!

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